As a new author, I thought it best to create a website of some kind. Keep people up to date with book releases via blog posts. In the coming weeks, you will be sure to hear a lot from me. With the pending release of my first ever book growing closer, time is of the essence and completion of the editing stage is near. I am excited to finally share just a partial amount of my stories. My upcoming book Through The Maze & Other Stories, will be a learning curve for me. Seeing reactions, receiving feedback(Constructive Of course), it will all help me in realizing things I could have improved upon within the book and things to learn from for my upcoming debut Novel Vanishing Point. A writer learns new things every single day, be it by reading books or just observing the world as it goes by.

I’ve always been interested in stories, creating them, reading them and watching. Nothing beats a good book, that is true. Although I will always settle for a great movie, Lord of the rings, star wars, Marvel & DC movies(Yes, I like both. They are equally as awesome as each other, some may disagree. This is my opinion. Which I am entitled to.) Growing up I always enjoyed writing my own little stories, it was a hobby. I then progressed to the performing side of things, believing it would boost my confidence, I was wrong. Then I was given the opportunity to work for a new production company, which shall not be named. It was amazing, learning new skills, I delved even deeper into writing. Developing several concepts for movies and tv series, one which went into pre-production. It was cut short, for reasons I will not go into.

For a few months I wrote scripts, then began realizing that it wasn’t that easy to get your script out to the people you want. Unless you have an agent, which doesn’t come cheap. So the writing stopped, I got a normal job and have worked there since. Seven months ago, I found inspiration and motivation, I’d still over the years, come up with loads of ideas. Just didn’t follow them through.  Then it hit me like a nail in the head. I want more out of my life, I want to in the future be able to read my stories to my kids. (Children’s stories, that I am working on)

From that day, I began working on my novel. Writing away for weeks, before hitting a road block. I stared at the blank page for hours, nothing came to my head. Usually I can just write and Write. For a coupe of weeks, I tried. Before figuring out that maybe if I work on another project, by the time I finish that. I’d be ready to hit the novel again. With my book nearly complete, I am ready and have already added several new pages to my novel.

Within the next year, my goal is to release my book(Next month), my novel will hopefully be finished and ready for release around November. After that I already have four follow ups planned for my novel. So busy, busy, I will be.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will enjoy my stories, as much as I enjoy writing them.