Vanishing Point. Update

Finally passed the half way point on my debut novel Vanishing Point, the writing processed has sped up drastically in the last couple of weeks. My primary focus is finishing it and I honestly cannot wait for people to have a read. I’ve already planned out four follow up books. Anyone who will sit and say writing is easy, it isn’t really a job. They clearly have never attempted to write a novel. There are days when I sit and just cannot write a single word. Then I have days where I will write up 10-20 pages, it brings me such joy with each completion of each page. Within the next 5-10 years people will see many things released from me. Vanishing Point, it’s follow Blood Rain, the third book, The running man and many more. I hope you will enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it all.



Haven’t posted in a while.

Wow, haven’t made a post on here for a while. Been busy, reached the half way point of completion on my debut novel Vanishing Point. Very excited about that, having so much fun writing it. Also working on a currently untitled Superhero children’s book. Finished a tv episode script, actually based upon my novel. Working hard and learning new things everyday. That is what I love about writing, is you are always learning and improving. Been reading a lot lately, finished Orphan X. That was simply outstanding. Just started reading The Nowhere Man, the follow up to Orphan X.  Gregg Hurwitz is one hell of a writer, cannot wait to read more of his work.


My short story book Through The Maze & Other Stories is available on amazon, I didn’t have an editor for that (Couldn’t afford it). Everything was done by me and I feel very proud of what I created.  I should have an announcement within the next couple of weeks. Excited about the future, patience is key. I learnt that the hard way.


For now, I will leave you with a link to buy a copy of my book. The kindle edition. If you want the paperback, it is on amazon, but on another page. Just type my name in and it shall arrive on your screen. Would appreciate feedback and kind advice from fellow writers.